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SEIU-West works to improve the lives of working people and their families, and lead the way to a more just and humane society.

Saskatchewan is going off-track in many ways:

  • We are seeing increased private, for-profit health care
  • Our education system is being undermined
  • The cost of living continues to skyrocket
  • Poverty and unemployment are on the rise
  • There is a fundamental lack of fairness for working people
  • We receive an unfair return on our natural resources, like potash
  • Our provincial finances are being poorly managed
  • Our public services and Crown corporations are being slowly and quietly attacked

We believe that Saskatchewan people deserve better and ought to experience a fair share of the benefits of living in such a resource-rich province.

By standing up for these important issues now, we are working for a brighter future for our members, their families and all Saskatchewan people.

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