Letter to the Editor: valuable insight

 By Tanis Kershaw, The StarPhoenixSeptember 21, 2011

Re: $5 budget keeps reporter hungry (SP, Sept. 16). I commend SP reporter Jeremy Warren and the 12 other citizens who took the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre’s food basket challenge. While it certainly cannot replicate the circumstances of those living in poverty, who regularly rely on the food bank, the challenge brings awareness to an issue that often remains hidden.

I found particularly insightful Warren’s comment about the extra dollar that he had mistakenly received at a grocery store and then kept: “The loonie sat on my kitchen table for a week, reminding me how easy it is for hunger to change a person’s behaviour.”

How easy it is to take for granted the fact that I have food to eat instead of having to think about compromising my morality to not go hungry. Thank you to the food bank and participants for reminding me of this.

Tanis Kershaw Saskatoon

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