We’re not all ‘on track’ with the good times

By Verda Petry, The Leader-Post July 11, 2011

Was it a joke? tongue-in-cheek? Surely no one would pay for a fullpage colour ad as a joke. I refer to the On Track Saskatchewan ad (June 28). I wondered – for whom is Saskatchewan “on track”? I let my eyes drop to the bottom of the page where I found the answer: Provincial chambers of commerce, Association of Saskatchewan Realtors, Certified General and Management Accountants, Canadian Home Builders Association. For these groups Saskatchewan is “on track”.

No mention of the Health Sciences Association, who have been without a contract for over two years, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, the CUPE Local of educational assistants, the Saskatchewan Cancer Society workers, the Crop Insurers Group, SIAST instructors and support staff. Government interference in free collective bargaining and wage offers below the cost of living create acute distress and anger.

The minimum wage is so low that at full employment a worker doesn’t meet the low income cut-off for poverty. All this at a time when government revenue has exceeded expectations by $1 billion. Add to this the federal abuse of postal workers, farmers threatened with the loss of the Canadian Wheat Board, and you have a plethora of workers, their families, and citizens who depend on these workers for services, for whom Saskatchewan is not “on track”. A Canadian average debt to income ratio of 147 per cent says a lot about prosperity in Saskatchewan. The ad is cynical and hypocritical.

Verda Petry, Regina

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