LTE: Privatization issue

By Joan Bell, The StarPhoenix October 14, 2011

With the media’s penchant for supporting rightwing parties, I question the results of The StarPhoenix and Leader-Post poll that showed the Saskatchewan Party ahead.

Saskatchewan led North America in programs for people: Universal hospitalization and medicare, progressive labour legislation, the arts board, regional library system, first Bill of Rights and Crown corporations that partnered with Saskatchewan businesses and purchased goods and services locally.

Now the United Nations has condemned the Brad Wall government’s labour bills as contrary to human rights. Health-care workers and others have had their collective bargaining restricted and are treated as unworthy of a raise.

Wall’s government broke its promise not to privatize Crowns. The Sask. First Policy restricted their investments and their assets were sold privately.

Northland Power, a private Ontario company, is contracted to supply 10 per cent of Saskatchewan’s electricity. Crown land is being sold with no public consultation.

Public safety inspections and licensing of elevators, boilers, etc., will be under a board of directors appointed by Wall. The provincial dairy lab has been closed and the Milk Control Board eliminated. Raw milk will be shipped to Edmonton for testing.

If people understand how Saskatchewan is being privatized, I believe they’ll vote more wisely.

Joan Bell Saskatoon

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