Letter to the Editor – Switch Roles

Switch roles

By Bob Gilewicz, The StarPhoenix October 17, 2011

People are so fickle. You hear nothing but complaining should any government – civic, provincial or federal – propose any kind of additional tax to pay for the services the public wants, such as pothole-free roads, a children’s hospital, community facilities or low-cost post-secondary education.

And yet, when the world price of oil is at a two-year low, what do the oil companies treat the consumer to – increased gas prices.

And is there any complaining?

Instead, the public keeps re-electing the same troughfeeding politicians.

Maybe we should have the oil company executives running the government and politicians running the oil companies.

The government will have profits in no time, and the politicians can bankrupt the oil companies.

Then the government can buy the companies for pennies on the dollar and make even more profits for the people as a whole.

Bob Gilewicz Saskatoon

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