Rent plan needed

By Sheila Glennie, The StarPhoenix October 17, 2011

One reason I am a New Democrat is because I believe housing is a basic community need and there should be a plan.

As a student, my son was paying his half-share of $650 per month rent in Saskatoon in 2006. By 2009 he was paying half of $1,350 for a similar two-bedroom suite in the same neighbourhood.

This September he took a job in Ontario and is paying only $790 a month for 800 square feet in a house that has two bedrooms, a patio in front and a sunroom in back. The same month his brother in Regina rented a 900-squarefoot wartime house for $1,750 a month.

One of my sons will have more than $11,000 more this year to spend or to save for future home ownership or retirement, and it’s not the one who is in Saskatchewan.

When students, lowincome renters, social assistance recipients, wage earners and seniors have to spend more of their money on rental housing, it takes a large chunk out of the Saskatchewan economy that otherwise would stimulate a variety of businesses or increase people’s savings and future self-reliance.

Let’s keep rents in Saskatchewan affordable for all of us, and find ways to support landlords who want to build or upgrade their rental properties and develop new housing all over Saskatchewan.

Sheila Glennie Wadena

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