Focus on education

By Steven Allen, The StarPhoenix October 25, 2011

Investment in education has increased over the past few years, but the focus of government funding has been primarily on infrastructure.

It is important to ensure the safety, learning and working conditions of students and teachers.

However, as one teacher so eloquently noted at the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) political town hall forum recently, there needs to be a greater focus on the people in the buildings.

It speaks directly to the importance of education as a public good and a human right.

Valuing education means providing the supports (financial, facilities, staffing, teaching and learning resources) necessary to meet individual student needs.

The needs of our students are changing. The growing diversity of our classrooms creates many opportunities and challenges for both students and teachers.

A one-size-fits-all approach will not serve our students and our province well.

Education is an investment in our future, not just an expense. Saskatchewan’s teachers will continue to advocate on behalf of their students and the education system, because the benefits we receive as a society from education far outweigh the investments being made now for our children’s future.

For the rest of this election period, I encourage you to ask the political candidates in your area how they and their parties will support our students and teachers, and the publicly funded education system in Saskatchewan.

Steven Allen

President, STF

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