Less well-off hurting

By Philip Sparks, The Leader-Post October 24, 2011

It is election time and here come the magnificent promises from the parties.

Why does it take an election for the party in power to make all these expensive promises? Why can’t they do some of this stuff during their term in office?

SaskPower is raising its rates, fuel cost are soaring, food prices are going up every day and rents are higher than they have ever been. Prescription prices are going up and many seniors need more prescriptions as they age.

How are people on low incomes supposed to keep up? We have seen a couple of cases where landlords have raised their rents $600 or $700 in one jump, forcing tenants who have lived there for years to move out, yet all the Saskatchewan Party can say is “we have no appetite for rent controls”.

There has to be some way to stabilize these soaring costs of living so people who are not benefiting from the boom can cope. Tax cuts might help a little, but that only helps at tax time.

People need help when it comes time to pay rent, the power bill, the phone bill, groceries to feed their families, health needs and so many other things that are the neccessities of life.

Maybe there should be a cost-ofliving (COLA) clause for low-income earners.

Philip Sparks, Weyburn

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