We come first

By Eldon Sweet, The StarPhoenix November 3, 2011

Checking the news on my smartphone, I see that PotashCorp had another record profit of $826 million in the last quarter. I also see Dwain Lingenfelter is visiting a soup kitchen in Moose Jaw.

What’s wrong with this picture? The recipients of the goodwill of the soup kitchen are Saskatchewan citizens, but the recipients of the record profits from Saskatchewan’s potash are not.

We are giving away our potash to corporations that just want to turn a fast buck and make billions in our province. When the potash is gone, so will they. We have to get what we can, while we can.

I feel if PCS didn’t make contributions to political parties and the users of the soup kitchen did, Brad Wall would do what’s best for the soup recipients. We need to start looking after our own and taking care of “us,” the people of Saskatchewan, not the corporations of Wall Street.

Eldon Sweet

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