Public Services and Crown Corporations

The current government has been quietly contracting out and privatizing
important public services while also making decisions that undermine the
profitability of our Crown corporations.
Here is a partial list of public services that have been contracted out or fully privatized by the Sask Party government and ways in which
they are undermining the profitability of our Crown corporations:

  • Inspection and licensing of mechanical equipment, such as elevators, boilers, and amusement rides, has been out-sourced.
  • Highways engineering work and repair of equipment have been contracted-out.
  • Provincial park cabins have been sold to private businesses along
    with the provision of firewood, garbage and sanitation services in some
    provincial parks.
  • The door has been opened to privatized liquor sales, which do not lead to lower prices.
  • SGI license plates are no longer produced in Saskatchewan; instead they are being produced in Nova Scotia.
  • SaskTel operator services, Max Interactive TV installations, email
    service, and high speed Internet service have been contracted-out.
  • Profitable parts of SaskTel, including DirectWest Canada, HospNet, and Saskatoon Square, have been sold-off.
  • SaskWater has been restricted from pursuing new industrial customers.
  • Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) has been sold off to Ontario-based Bluepoint Investment Corp.
  • SaskPower has entered into a 20-year, $700M agreement to purchase
    power from a new plant near North Battleford owned by Ontario-based
    Northland Power.
  • The new “Sask First” policy restricts Crowns from investing in
    profitable entities outside of our province, which cuts off stable
    revenue streams that could be used to lower the costs of services here
    at home.
  • A special side deal has the Sask Party government paying more per
    bed to Amicus (a private health care provider) than they pay to other
    long-term care homes. At the present rate, Amicus will receive at least
    $1.1 million per year more than other long-term care homes. Finally,
    taxpayers are on the hook for Amicus’ mortgage because the Sask Party
    government signed a loan guarantee.
  • Cancelled the planned, public surgical care centre and devoted public money toward third-party private surgery clinics instead.

LTE: Privatization issue

By Joan Bell, The StarPhoenix October 14, 2011

With the media’s penchant for supporting rightwing parties, I question the results of The StarPhoenix and Leader-Post poll that showed the Saskatchewan Party ahead.

Saskatchewan led North America in programs for people: Universal hospitalization and medicare, progressive labour legislation, the arts board, regional library system, first Bill of Rights and Crown corporations that partnered with Saskatchewan businesses and purchased goods and services locally.

Now the United Nations has condemned the Brad Wall government’s labour bills as contrary to human rights. (more…)

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New Identification Requirements at the Polls

Provincial Election poster Photo ID YFS version

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Questions for Candidates Running in the Provincial Election

Printable PDF of Questions for candidates


Essential Service legislation (Bill 5) and changes to The Trade Union Act (Bill 6) have created unfairness for all public sector workers. It took away the right to strike, and made it impossible to achieve a fair collective agreement. It took away the right to organize, and it invited employers like SAHO (Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations) to waste thousands of tax payer dollars on media campaigns against health care workers. What are you planning to do about Bill 5 & Bill 6? (more…)

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The story of the billboards

What inspired these ads? Quite simply, our members. The work SEIU-West members do is a valuable contribution to the day-to-day life of the people of Saskatchewan.


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Amicus deal hits rural radar

Murray Mandryk
Saskatchewan News Network; Regina Leader-Post
Tuesday, February 08, 2011

When the NDP during the past spring session started to hammer the government on the issue of the Amicus nursing home, it clearly hoped to achieve results immediately.

The story of the contract to build a nursing home in Saskatoon going untendered to a construction firm owned by a large donor to the Saskatchewan Party seemed to have elements of a scandal right out of the Grant Devine era. (more…)

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Canada “Conflict of Interest Revealed in Amicus Health Deal”

Health Region kept in the dark while Ministry negotiated deal directly with Amicus
NDP MLA Pat Atkinson criticized the Wall government today for proceeding with the construction of a 100-bed long-term care home in Saskatoon despite conflicts of interest on the part of key players involved in the project. She said a significant Sask Party donor and board member of the Saskatoon Health Region was given the contract to build the facility. As well, the Saskatoon Health Region confirmed it was unaware of discussions between Amicus Health Care Inc. and the government until January of this year those discussions having taken place months prior. (more…)

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