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We come first

By Eldon Sweet, The StarPhoenix November 3, 2011

Checking the news on my smartphone, I see that PotashCorp had another record profit of $826 million in the last quarter. I also see Dwain Lingenfelter is visiting a soup kitchen in Moose Jaw.

What’s wrong with this picture? The recipients of the goodwill of the soup kitchen are Saskatchewan citizens, but the recipients of the record profits from Saskatchewan’s potash are not.

We are giving away our potash to corporations that just want to turn a fast buck and make billions in our province. When the potash is gone, so will they. We have to get what we can, while we can.

I feel if PCS didn’t make contributions to political parties and the users of the soup kitchen did, Brad Wall would do what’s best for the soup recipients. We need to start looking after our own and taking care of “us,” the people of Saskatchewan, not the corporations of Wall Street.

Eldon Sweet

Read more: http://www.thestarphoenix.com/technology/come+first/5649003/story.html#ixzz1claw7vSh

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Job prospects down, but posting numbers high

The Leader-Post October 29, 2011

Job prospects are down in Saskatoon and Regina, which is in line with the national trend, according to the latest metro helpwanted index released Friday by the Conference Board of Canada.

Despite the declining number of job postings, the job market in both cities is still very tight, with close to one online job opening for every applicant, the Ottawa-based organization said. In fact, Saskatoon and Regina have relatively high numbers of job postings compared with the number of unemployed persons looking for work. (more…)

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Low income seniors deserve a break

Published on October 17, 2011


Now that the election has been called I am wondering if the following situation could be addressed – more help for largely forgotten members of society, the low income senior.

I’d suggest the following be looked at:

– rent reduced in apartments for low income seniors, 25 per cent (including utilities, except telephone);

– a ‘break’ on medical and dental, including glasses and prescription drugs;

– a ‘break’ for low-income seniors in their own homes, lower taxes and utilities.

Lynn C. Hudson – Swift Current

Read it online: Low income seniors deserve a break

Read it as a PDF: Low income seniors deserve a break

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Stretched food banks a measure of Canada’s frail recovery: Increased usage reflects a country where many middle-skilled, middle-income jobs have been eliminated

November 1, 2011


From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail

Increased usage reflects a country where many middle-skilled, middle-income jobs have been eliminated

The number of Canadians using food banks has declined slightly, but persistent demand indicates many are struggling in a frail economic recovery.

More than 851,000 individuals visited a food bank in March alone, a number that’s little changed from last year’s record and still 26 per cent above prerecession levels, Food Banks Canada’s annual survey, to be released Tuesday, shows. (more…)

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Health staff issue

By Shelly Banks, The StarPhoenix November 2, 2011

I sure hope that Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party are not convincing the general public that they have increased staffing levels in the health sector.

As a health provider, my experience is that they have tried to address staffing issues for registered nurses, while the rest struggle. The public ought to know that there are staff shortages regularly in such hands-on care classifications as special care aides and licensed practical nurses.

Visit a community nursing home and you will see it for yourself. Those who work in diagnostic classifications are routinely required to work overtime. Critical retention and recruitment issues have been largely ignored. (more…)

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Housing shortage prominent issue

By Will Chabun, The Leader-Post October 27, 2011

The issue of housing has been – hands down – the primary concern facing his agency for the last two years and whomever wins the provincial election must tackle it, says Shawn Fraser, executive director of Carmichael Outreach.

The goal of a new government should be to somehow increase apartment vacancy rates, Fraser said.

“If the market is left to fix it, it’s just going to get worse before it gets better,” Fraser said. (more…)

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Workers can expect minimal raises, study says

By Kim Covert, Financial Post; Postmedia News August 19, 2011

Salary increases in 2012 will range from two per cent to 3.5 per cent, about the same as in 2011, according to Morneau Shepell’s 29th Annual Compensation and Trends Projections Survey.

Companies’ optimism about their prospects for growth and profitability in 2012 isn’t translating into significant wage gains for their employees, according to the findings of a survey of 250 Canadian companies who suggest the projected increase in their salary budgets for next year is less than the inflation rate. (more…)

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Health union raises concern about layoff plan

By David Hutton, The StarPhoenix October 26, 2011

The Saskatoon Health Region says there is no “hidden agenda” for health-care layoffs after the provincial election.

The Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS) said Tuesday the union is concerned about potential job cuts following a notice letter sent in early October to discuss the proposed layoff of an addictions counsellor for children and youth from mental health and addictions services.

The region refused a meeting until after the election, the union contends, putting “politics” above jobs. (more…)

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Wall St. protests

By Bill (ross) Stefanuk, The StarPhoenix October 28, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. noted: “On some positions, cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expedience asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ Vanity asks the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ ”

We have to make a choice. Serve humanity or serve history. By serving history we surrender all our power and moral authority to the government and its attendant anxieties, the corporate creeds.

You do what you must, not because it is true but because it is right. We have little choice in how we die, but we have a choice in how we live. It’s not what you do with life that matters, but what you do with what life throws your way is what counts.

Share your interest in humanity long after you die.

Bill (Ross) Stefanuk

Read more: http://www.thestarphoenix.com/Wall+protests/5620321/story.html#ixzz1cT5KZ9me

Read it as a PDF: Wall St. protests

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Some Canadians left behind: Romanow

By Jeremy Warren, The StarPhoenix October 27, 2011

Former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow says not enough Canadians are enjoying the benefits of a growing economy.

Romanow, in the inaugural Bryan Woods Memorial Lecture Wednesday night, gave a brief overview of the newly-released Canadian Index of Wellbeing, a project that measures the quality of life using 64 indicators using indicators from social, health, environmental and economic categories. Romanow chairs the project’s advisory board. (more…)

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