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The rich get richer…

This Letter to the editor also ran in the Southwest Booster under the title: Income inequality highlights growing workers rights issue

Thursday, 27 October 2011 14:18

An interesting message from Statistics Canada: income inequality in Canada has increased over the past 20 years.

The richest group of Canadians (Top 20 per cent) increased its share of the total national income, while the poorest and middle income earners lost share.

The increase in inequality can be attributed to institutional forces such as declines in unionization, stagnating minimum wage rates and national policies which favour the wealthy. (more…)

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Incredible claim

By Shawna Colpitts, The StarPhoenix October 28, 2011

Labour Minister Don Morgan said in a TV interview on Oct. 21 that his government’s essential services law was done in a manner respectful of unions and union workers.

Does he really believe that health-care providers felt respected when they waited 27 months for a contract? They were force-fed rollbacks in exchange for a paltry wage increase, only to discover weeks later that some outof-scope employees and CEOs were lined up for 60 per cent increases? (more…)

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A tough time to find shelter

The Leader-Post October 13, 2011

New home construction in Regina is booming at a level not seen in 40 years, but it’s likely of little comfort to those at the bottom of the housing ladder.

Even if there is a “trickle-down effect” of some renters buying their own homes and freeing up apartments, many on minimum wage or social assistance simply can’t afford shelter in a city where average rents are around $750 for a one-bedroom apartment. (more…)

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Less well-off hurting

By Philip Sparks, The Leader-Post October 24, 2011

It is election time and here come the magnificent promises from the parties.

Why does it take an election for the party in power to make all these expensive promises? Why can’t they do some of this stuff during their term in office? (more…)

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Work-life squeeze political issue

By Fleur MacQueen Smith, The StarPhoenix October 29, 2011

Macqueen Smith is with the Healthy Children research team at the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit.

The team collaborated with researchers at the University of British Columbia to release the report card, Does Canada Work for All Generations. Visit www.kidskan.ca/newdeal for the Saskatchewan-specific report. (more…)

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Don’t blame poor

By Simon Enoch, The StarPhoenix October 25, 2011

Bronwyn Eyre’s Oct. 19 column laments the simplistic arguments that abound in discussions of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Unfortunately, Eyre marshals perhaps the most discredited and simplistic argument on the financial crisis with her suggestion that Jimmy Carter “got the whole sub-prime mortgage mess rolling in the first place.” It’s an obvious allusion to Carter’s 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which required certain banks to lend in lowincome neighbourhoods.

This is a favourite conservative talking point that attempts to blame the poor as the cause of the housing crisis. This has been proven to be a categorical falsehood. More than 80 per cent of sub-prime loans were made by banks that were not subject to the CRA.

Moreover, CRA loans have a higher degree of supervision and lower rates than other sub-prime loans, and were not subject to securitization to the same extent.

Even Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, has stated unequivocally that the CRA had no discernible impact on the housing crisis.

Blaming the poor for the reckless lending practices of the major investment banks is perhaps the most simplistic argument of all.

Simon Enoch

Read more: http://www.thestarphoenix.com/business/blame+poor/5600738/story.html#ixzz1buXr1mmR

Read it as a PDF: Don’t blame poor

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Past Poll Results

Below is a list of the poll results from all of our previous Poll questions.

October 25, 2011

“With class sizes growing in our public school system, do you think it was wise for the government to cut over 300 Education Assistant positions in Saskatchewan?”

97% of respondents to our poll said NO.

According to our readership on YFS, the next Saskatchewan government needs to ensure that our children get the education and support that they need in the classroom.

October 14, 2011 Poll Results

“Do you think it is fair that Health Care CEOs and other Managers received 30 to 60% wage increases (over 2 years) when front-line health care providers only received 9.5% wage increases (over 4 years)?”

86% of respondents to our poll said NO.

That means that according to our readership on YFS, the next Saskatchewan government should work harder to make sure our front-line health care workers are compensated in a fair manner for their skills and valuable work time.

October 4, 2011 Poll Results

“Do you think 5% of potash revenue is enough?”

89% of respondents to our poll said NO 5% of Potash revenue is not enough.

That means that according to our readership on YFS, the next Saskatchewan government should re-open the royalty structure discussions with Potash Corp.

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New index pinpoints inequalities in Canadians’ quality of life

Canada’s economy has boomed for much of the past two decades, yet that expansion has not sparked equally robust improvements in Canadians’ quality of life.

That is the key finding of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, a composite guide launching Thursday that claims to be one of the first of its kind in the world. It seeks to provide a fuller picture of the country’s economic health than the widely used gross domestic product. (more…)

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Number of EI recipients rises in August

Ottawa— The Canadian Press

The number of people receiving regular Employment Insurance benefits increased by 6.6 per cent to 568,600 in August.

Statistics Canada reports the number of beneficiaries rose in every province, with the largest percentage increases occurring in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. (more…)

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Voting best way to help oneself

By Gerry Klein, The StarPhoenix October 20, 2011

One might argue that the the level of government least able to strike a new deal for families is the local one.

Yet on the very day that University of British Columbia researcher Paul Kershaw, along with Saskatoon’s Nazeem Muhajarine, released a report that calls for a new deal to help young families overcome the losses they have experienced compared with families 30 years ago, Saskatoon city councillors were reviewing a report on how to get 84 new affordable housing units on the market. (more…)

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